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Sheepskin #127

Sheepskin #127


Real sheepskin


White color

Origin: All our sheepskins are imported from Europe (Scandinavia, Netherlands...).

Each skin is unique.

Our furs are tanned in an ecological way, which gives them fine and soft hair and a pleasant touch.


Free delivery to the Polo Club de Chantilly.

Worldwide delivery: price on request.


Contact me to place an order or for more information:

+33 6 18 95 74 64

Sheepskin has natural virtues which give it many self-cleaning properties, it will still be necessary from time to time to take certain measures.

If you have just purchased a sheepskin, it may smell first. It is a natural product, the strength of this smell will fade quickly, then the fur will take on the smell of home.

Daily  all you need is regular maintenance, but what to do in the event of a stain? Or faced with a very dirty sheepskin?

Clean a sheepskin by hand in case of stains:

To remove a stain from your sheepskin, use water and Marseille soap. Then using the sponge, rub gently in the direction of hair growth. Then you just have to let it dry naturally at room temperature. But especially not in the sun or towards any other source of heat.

Washing heavily soiled sheepskin:

You should know that sheepskin is made of natural fibers. It is very sensitive to chemicals and intensive drying.

It is possible to put your sheepskin in the washing machine but you will need to use a special wool detergent and select a special wool program at 30°C. Once your sheepskin has been washed, let it dry at room temperature in a natural way, no sun, radiator or hair dryer. Be careful though, this can deform your sheepskin.

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