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Innova Knee pads • Dos Banderas

Innova Knee pads • Dos Banderas


Padded body in  SHOCKtec® Air2Gel and reinforcements in SHOCKtec® Gel.


When something hits SHOCKtec Gel or Air2Gel, the impact is immediately dissipated throughout the entire pad. The force of the impact is spread out across a larger area with a minimal amount hitting directly under the impact area.


After each impact SHOCKtec instantly and fully returns to its original shape and is ready for more.


Contact me to place an order or for more information:

+33 6 18 95 74 64

Dos Banderas is known to have one of the safest, most comfortable and most absorbent knee pads. This is achieved by using 2 alternatives of shock absorbing padding and high quality removable velcro straps.

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